April 24–28, 2017 / Vancouver, BC
The future you shape
Future you circles

A week to explore the deepest scientific and psychological insights, the latest medical advances, the neatest inventions, all mixed with a dose of ancient wisdom, to ask the questions about ourselves that we often don’t have time for.


Highlights of TED2017 will be screened in cinemas worldwide.
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The future you

Most TEDs are focused on the world at large and the ideas that animate it. But for 2017, we want to make it more explicitly personal. We are planning a week of talks that can offer each of us individually a toolkit for personal learning, growth, empowerment.

And we’re not talking soft-edged self-help woo. We’re talking about questions like:

How is it possible to give my reflective self power over my instinctive self?

Can I use technology to limit my addiction to technology?

Which inventions will have a big impact on me over the next few years?

How can I become a transformational leader?

What are the medical discoveries I absolutely need to know about?

What skills can my kids build that are future-proof?

How do we design an environment that is nurturing, human, satisfying, exciting?

What does success look like, without self at the center?

Who am I?

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Your conference experience

The TED2017 experience includes:

A five-day stage program full of TED's famous 18-minute talks, plus music, comedy, tech demos and other surprises ... in a theater that's custom-built for listening intently to a speaker

Simulcast spaces where you can watch, tweet and blog ... and meeting spaces to connect over ideas and move them forward

Art exhibits, hands-on tech demos, and other experiences between sessions

Dinners and parties all around Vancouver

Wellness activities every morning -- yoga, runs and more

Our TEDConnect app for meeting other attendees before, during and after the conference

The famous TED gift bag

Our home in Vancouver

Vancouver Convention Centre offers both scale and intimacy. At its heart is a soaring space where TED's stage designers have created a custom theater designed to maximize the impact of talks, permitting multiple configurations for sitting, listening and connecting with the speaker – a bold rethinking of the conference experience.